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公司簡介 當前位置:首頁 > 關于我們 > 公司簡介
合肥奮飛電子有限公司是專門從事各類射頻同軸連接器及電纜組件的研發、生產、銷售,并承接各電子產品金、銀等焊加工的高科技合資企業。主要產品按IEC和MIL國際標準生產的SMA、BNC、MCX、MMCX、SMB、SSMA、SSMB、N、L9、 TNC等各種系列的射頻同軸連接器。產品廣泛應用于微波通信網絡、通訊設備、汽車、軍事、航空和無限通訊領域方面的連接及傳感器專用連接頭。本公司主要產品按IEC和MIL國際標準生產的SMA、BNC、MCX、MMCX、SMB、SSMA、SSMB、N、L9、 TNC等各種系列的射頻同軸連接器。本公司實力雄厚,擁有現代化的生產設備,通過計算機網絡組織控制管理生產,建立了一套完善的質量管理體系,加大技術研發的投入,同時我們在上海,深圳等地區都設有分公司擁有電子行業著名專家教授多名,專門從事產品的開發研制,最終使我們的產品在技術和質量方面達到國內領先水平,以致銷售到歐美、日、韓等國家。
Hefei Fenfei Electronic co. ltd. is a high-tech joint venture corporation specializes in the development, production, distribution of various RF COAXIAL CONNECTORS and cable components and it carries on all kinds of the Silver welding of the electronic products. Our products are widely used in the connection of the microwave communication network, communication equipments, automobile, military affairs, aviation and wireless communication areas. The main products of Fenfei Electronic are various RF COAXIAL CONNECTORS such as SMA,BNC,MCX,MMCX,SMB,SSMA,SSMB,N,L9,TNC,etc.,which are producted according to the international standards IEC and MIL. Fenfei Electronic has a strong foundation, and modern production equipments. It establishes a integrated quality management system by organizing, controlling and managing production via computer network. And it increases the investment in technology development. We also have filiales in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other areas and have many notable experts and professors in electronic industry. They are specialized in the development of new products and make the technology and quality of our products keeping ahead in home, so that our products are distributed to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, etc. In front of the challenge of the world electronical technology development and the market competition, Hefei Fenfei Electronic takes the responsible of prosperity of the native electronic industry. It keeps improving, and endeavours to innovation according to the tenet of "quality comes firstly; credit is the root; Customers are supremacy; Prices shall be reasonable; Delivery shall be on time". Hefei Fenfei Electronic will provide the most considerate services and technology cooperation to all the customers wholeheartedly.
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